CatchChaya Light?

salam.. i have started another blog which have a white background..i think it is more suitable to publish some photo with bright colours.. it is just my opion ok, rasa mcm tak best plak nk wat edit2 dengan background itam je..

anyway, here is the link to that blog

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8 Responses to CatchChaya Light?

  1. imah says:

    tgginye tngaa..kt mne ni?

  2. fira says:

    cantik!!!! langit tu lawa arr…

  3. nurzahirah says:

    add kaler sndri pun,nmpk natural gak n tetap nice..keep it up tok sume hasil2 keje awk ni..
    cpat2la t bukk galeri..t ley pegi,xdela sik tgok kt tb je n_n

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