it has been a long while since i made a HDR picture..tadi time lunch hour malas nk kuar, so i take my D7000 and snap pictures from my workdesk..then i thought, i never tried the bracketing features in this D7000, dulu selalu buat dengan D5000 je..perkisah punya perkisah, baru tau camne nk setting 3 exposure bracketing..

after snapping the 3 exposures, upload kat laptop…pakai photomatix untuk compose HDR picture and then used photoshop to edit the picture some more (letak lighting n logo)..

and the end result…

i think ok la this picture..nampak mcm ghostly sket office ni dah..huhu..

HDR got lovers and haters…which one are you?

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2 Responses to HDR

  1. Alfa Aiskrim says:

    cantek banget dong..

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