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Cameron 2.0

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batik bay lagi…

pokok kelapa berbulu hijau? and i am so lovin’ the sky….

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Praises to Allah

Praises to Allah Almighty for giving us life. Open our eyes, your heart and your mind.. only then you will realise how beautiful life is when you are in His path.

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Taman Rimba Paya Bakau, Lumut

laluan merentasi rimba paya bakau.. kinda nice environment for an evening walk. kepada sape2 nk dtg, silalah bersedia untuk menjadi sajian kepada nyamuk2 yang ade kat sini.. antara penghuni setia kat sini… ade yang ganas, ade yang cool satu jenis … Continue reading

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HDR via Photomatix vs Photoshop

HDR picture generated by Photomatix. erm..yang ni generated by Photoshop CS4.. not a lot of difference from the original photo but the details tu lebih menonjol sikit je.

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